Are Their Different Types of Yacht Charters?

There are two categories: either “Plus All” or “All-inclusive”. Both include the yacht itself, a full compliment of crew including a chef, and all amenities aboard unless specifically identified as an extra. Most yacht charters are Plus All, which means that the charterer pays separately for all consumables including food, beverages, alcohol, fuel, dockage, communications charges, taxis, special deliveries, and anything that is not already aboard the boat. There are no charges for use of the yacht’s amenities except for special equipment like helicopters or submarines. At your request the captain can keep you apprised of your expenses, and will always provide you with a final accounting at the end. These expenses usually amount to between 25% and 35% of the base charter rate.

All-inclusive is just that, everything that is considered “plus all” in the list above is included in the base rate. Note that some extras may not be included, such as super-premium beverages, certain caviars and unusual specialty foods, rendezvous scuba diving, ground transportation, or certain special requests.

Regardless of which type of charter you choose, you are given a preference list to complete. From this document the crew will know what foods you like, beverages you drink, areas you want to cruise, your likes, dislikes, must-haves, don’t-wants, special dates to be celebrated, and anything that we can learn to help insure that you have the experience of a lifetime.