What Do I Need to Pack for a Charter?

As with most vacations, the less baggage the better, but you also want to be prepared. If you are cruising in a warm climate obviously casual summer attire will be the staple, but don’t forget to take something more formal as well if you intend to hit the town. One of the most useful items you can have when summer cruising are inexpensive rubber water shoes. Evenings can get chilly, so also bring a sweater, windbreaker or sweatshirt; and unfortunately rain gear is sometimes needed.What you won’t need are fins, masks, water toys, suntan lotions, towels or virtually anything for the beach, as they will all be provided. And unless you are an absolute die-hard scuba diver, it is recommended that you leave your personal dive gear behind. It’s a nuisance to lug around, and is often provided aboard or available through a rendezvous diving company. Soft luggage is strongly suggested for fitting into the storage areas on a yacht. You are unlikely to find a luggage rack aboard.

Don’t forget your camera, personal music player, passport and visas as well as any medications you may need. Most yachts have connections for I-pods and other players and carry their own wide selection of tunes and movies with private entertainment systems in every room. If you are doing an adventure charter you will be informed about any specific items needed.