Personal experience

A very personal experience.

As an owner, you will enjoy six weeks each year aboard your yacht, cruising your favorite destinations. It’s your home away from home. You simply book your days or weeks in advance through Nemo, our online scheduling and provisioning software. Nemo maintains your provisioning requirements, destination preferences, and a list of any personal effects that you keep in your private storage aboard the yacht. Everyone in your family and any friends you bring aboard can create their own personalized online preference list that you approve. When they join you on a trip, all of their favorite items will be on board and any special needs covered. By the time you complete our questionnaire we’ll know how you want your eggs, which side of the bed you sleep on, and if you like firm or feather pillows. We’ll even know your pet’s name and your cousin’s favorite drink.

When you arrive, the surroundings will be familiar, because they’re yours. Your family photos, personal art, and specially-requested items will be in place. You will enjoy an unparalleled, inherently personal, and flawlessly organized experience, and will feel an inspiring sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership each time you step aboard your yacht.

Complete privacy.

Privacy is paramount to PartnerShips and our crew are particularly sensitive to this. Your time aboard and all of your personal information is held in strict confidence. None of your information is ever made available to others, and most importantly it is never shared with anyone (including other owners) by crew members. You are free to enjoy your yacht with family and friends confident in the knowledge that you always have complete privacy and anonymity.